About GatheringSteam

Hi, I’m Mara. Beyond the food and the eating of it, I am a writer and a veteran.
Occasionally I stumble upon minutes and days in my own life that astonish, teach, thrill and intrigue me. This is the journal of those rare finds: the recipes, the photographs, the travels. Within this blog you will find food — I try to (un)limit myself to locally sourced produce and I often cook game meat harvested by my husband, rather than buying it from a grocery store. Most of the recipes will therefore feature unusual sources of protein or be vegetarian/vegan in nature. I’m not trying to be “hip” or “green” — but only doing what feels right to me. I also tend a garden and I try to cultivate it well so as to benefit from it year-round.
I recently graduated from Meredith College with a BA in English and enjoy writing, photography, and walks to the mailbox with husband, dog, and the occasional cat.
You may also find photographs of friends, family, places I have been or food I have eaten. I am not a professional but these are images of my loves, so please be kind and please don’t copy the photos. I retain all rights to the photos and they are my original work. I hope you enjoy the blog and that you will find something that brings you here again. Cheers!